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SouthMACH is the South Island's leading manufacturing, engineering and technology trade show celebrating Kiwi innovation in the heartland of manufacturing.

Held only once every 2 years this is your chance to join New Zealand's leading industry brands and partners in the country's second largest manufacturing centre that contributes over $2.2bn to the region's GDP.

A premium platform for your business to showcase your innovative products and service solutions to New Zealand's leading manufacturing, engineering and technology companies SouthMACH is one opportunity in 2023 that you don't want to miss.

Who visits?

SouthMACH brings 1000's of industry professionals and innovators together:

  • To see and touch the latest products and technology for the sector.
  • Share ideas, netwrok and learn from industry leaders.
  • To develop relationships and identify new business.

Just some of the visitors include: Engineers - Mechanical, Design, Consultant, Electrical. Machinists, Communications Technicians/Managers, Supervisors, Technical Operators, Ops Managers

 This is a marketing opportunity you can't afford to miss.

  • Build brand recognition
  • Generate sales
  • Research the market
  • Generate media interest
  • Promote good will
  • Cement existing relationships
  • Launch new products
  • Collect high quality leads
  • Educate customers
  • Showcasing full ranges
  • Network with your industry


85% of exhibitors were satisfied to very satisfied with their ability to increase their company profile at SouthMACH.

68% of exhibitors were satisfied to very satisfied with the quality of visitors.

95% rated the event organisation as "good" to "excellent"

Visitor buying interests:

Product interests


% of attendees

Engineering Machinery   481
CNC   418
Metal Working Machinery  404
CADCAM  397  24.1%
Automation Equipment  366  22.2%
Robotics  358
Engineering Supplies  277  16.8%
Tools - Hand/Power  248  13.3%
Materials Technology  247  13.2%
Cutting Equipment   246  13.2%
Tooling  275  16.7%
Fabrication Machinery   231  14.0%
Measurement & Control  259  15.7%
Machine Technology Software  240  14.6%
Control Devices  216  13.1%
Computer Systems   198
Weighing  43
Materials Handling & Conveying  215  13.1%
Electrical Equipment   167  10.1%
Motors & Motor Control  196  11.9%


Download the Audited visitor report for more details

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