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3D Printing Systems

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Kiwi-owned and operated, with a strong presence in Australia, 3D Printing Systems is the exclusive distributor of the UP 3D printers from Delta Marco Factory. We pride ourselves in providing the best desktop 3D printers and scanners to prosumers at an affordable cost, as well as maintaining outstanding levels of service & local support for our customers.

Part of the FDM 3D printing process is to melt the plastic into an extrudable and pliable state, which then results in particles being released. The UP BOX is equipped with a HEPA filter to constantly clean the printing environment during a print job.


All 3D printers can create excellent prints, but not many can offer you the part strength of polycarbonate, which is regarded as an industrial grade, engineering plastic. This is where the UP BOX printer steps in as it can produce polycarbonate printed parts. Thus, allowing prosumers achieve industrial grade strength without investing in industrial machinery.

See how boat propellers printed by the UP BOX fare in the below video.

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