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Halt & Hass Consulting

Halt Hass

Established in 2005, HALT & HASS Consulting provides reliability testing services and products to the New Zealand and Australian markets. Breaking things is in our blood and we’re proud to offer the services we do in New Zealand. We’re a test house and equipment supplier staffed with personnel from the high-tech industry. We’ve been there, and we know what’s needed to make a successful product.

With a real passion for improving product reliability through pragmatic time-proven methods and through the supply of world-leading testing products from our international network of partners.

We help companies: 

  1. identify failures in product design early we reduce project & product risk during the product development cycle.
  2. improve brand loyalty and awareness by providing the clients end-customer with a long-lasting experience which they want to repeat.
  3. increase warranty periods by improving products, and then demonstrating return rates over time - allowing our clients to confidently increase warranty periods without having to increase holding stock levels.
  4. lower product life-cycle costs by avoiding costly re-designs, bug fixes and returns.

Our test equipment partners include Espec Environmental Chambers, IMV Vibration Testing equipment, Lansmont Package Testing Equipment and Qualmark HALT & HASS machines, all of which we supply, install and service in New Zealand and Australia.

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