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For more than 25 years, Kreon Technologies has implemented advanced technologies and manufactured systems with high quality materials. Kreon are committed to providing our customers with solutions that aim to help them to decrease production costs and time, to increase efficiency and to control their processes.

The Kreon brand of measuring arms is supported locally here in NZ with an expert, Jonathan Zyzalo, based in Mt. Wellington, Auckland and support available from Australia. We see this technology suitable for a wide range of applications from very high accuracy dimensional inspection to quick scanning of large objects like vehicles or sea craft. . It is possible to scan longer without effort owing to the 3D scanner lightness (weight less than 400 g). Reaching and scanning hard-to-access zones of each part becomes easy thanks to compactness. Besides the scanner is rapidly removable without any tool to accelerate the probe mounting and thus to make contact and non-contact measurement.

Kreon has released a new range of 3D scanner. Introducing the Skyline range of 3D scanner which offer optimal accuracy, even on shiny reflective surfaces, owing to blue laser fineness. Furthermore, they are equipped with temperature compensation to avoid pre-heating and to maintain a constant accuracy. The Ace Skyline scanning arm is the ideal portable CMM. 

Kreoan ACE Skyline Scanning engine block 800x445Kreon Solano arm 500x442

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