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Precision Waterjet

Precision Waterjet 003

We specialise in prototyping, R&D and short run projects – we work with you, not for you.  With a fast turn-around, we can provide products that in most cases will not need any secondary processing.

Precision Waterjet utilises a state-of-art 5-axis waterjet with a 75 degree Z axis tilt. We can cut materials up to 300 mm thick. We can cut cones, tubes and produce ribbed/beveled edges, curved surfaces such as oblique, vertical, conical and circular. We can cut splines, gears, sprockets, brackets, gussets, and flanges in nearly all materials.

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We have a specialist motorsport division. Talk to us about all your needs for gaskets, brackets, pedal boxes, fuel tanks, roll cages, exhaust systems and custom made one-off or low volume parts.

We offer a full welding and fabrication service providing you with a one-stop shop. Bring a sketch or DXF file – we can likely provide the materials, design your end product and produce it for you.

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Unit 2, 1 Doric Way, Islington, Christchurch  (03) 900 1508 

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