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Re-Generate is a Consulting Engineering and Services business with a specialised metrology division. We own a highly accurate and portable measurement arm and scanner that can be used for a range of tasks; Quality Control including as-built dimensioning and parts inspection, reverse engineering, creation of 3D models including scan to CAD, rapid prototyping, wear and trend analysis and surface inspections. 

 Regenerate 1 Closeup with large reflectionRegenerate 2 LongviewRegenerate 3 scanner close up transparent background

Re-Generate use a Kreon Ace 7-axis scanning arm and Skyline scanner. The measurement arm has a 2.5 m3 measuring volume which can be easily increased multiple times through a simple leap-frogging process which makes accurate scanning of large objects very manageable. Suitable for both contact and non-contact measurement the measurement arm has a single point repeatable accuracy of just 0.027 mm for probing and 0.053 mm accuracy for scanning. Best of all, the technology is robust and entirely portable with full temperature compensation meaning that the project can come to us or we can come to you or your site. 

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