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Roadrunner is the exclusive New Zealand distribution partner for OMAX Corporation, leaders in the manufacture of Precision Abrasive Waterjet Systems. Together with OMAX we are committed to providing expert sales, service and technical support for OMAX and MAXIEM Abrasive Waterjet Systems. 


At SouthMACH we will showcase the versatility and high-speed cutting precision capabilities of the MAXIEM Jet-machining centre. This next-generation line of MAXIEM machines builds on the cost-effective, yet high performance technology of its predecessors. The Gen 2 MAXIEM offers enhanced durability, improved performance and faster production times for an overall increase in productivity and profitability. We will be pairing the versatile 1530 model with the reliable 30hp direct drive pump to demonstrate how easy it is to cut virtually any material quickly and efficiently. Building on the company’s 20 years of direct drive pump design experience, the latest MAXIEM machine comes with a 50,000-psi pump that features variable-frequency drive technology for precise cutting pressure control. The pump delivers more cutting power per kilowatt than intensifier-type pumps.

OMAX Family

The machines Windows 10 controller comes pre-loaded with OMAX’s latest version of the powerful Intelli-MAX software suite. This fourth generation cutting model builds upon years of real world abrasive waterjet data accumulated through prior generations of OMAX’s equation-based cutting models to optimise tool paths automatically and gives users precise predictability as to cutting speeds, taper, jet lag and other abrasive-jet factors. The result has taken abrasive waterjet cutting to the industry’s highest level of speed and performance.

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