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TechRentals® specialise in providing short and long term rental of test and measurement equipment and also offer Calibration services for your own electronic test equipment. 

Finding the right instrument to suit your application is critical, and the TechRentals® Application Engineers have literally matched tens of thousands of Customers unique requirements with the right instrument for the application. We carry a comprehensive range of equipment and can make it available to almost any NZ location by overnight courier. We can also draw on TechRentals Australia equipment, and as you will appreciate their range is much larger and varied given their greater market size. 

Instruments can be rented for as little one day, or for as long as you need it. The longer period you commit to the cheaper the daily rate. 
In our Calibration services division we offer both IANZ and Traceable calibrations for electronic test instruments. General market areas we calibrate instruments are in electrical, medical, pressure, temperature, humidity, airflow, mass-flow and light(lux) meters.

Check out our website or call us on 0800 832473 to discuss your unique requirements.

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