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Trotec Laser

Trotec Laser

In a record-breaking time of just 20 years, Trotec Laser GmbH has grown from a small, start-up organisation to a world market leader, supplying laser machines for cutting, marking and engraving solutions. In 2017, Trotec celebrated its 20-year anniversary.

Designed and built in Austria, Trotec offers the world’s most diverse range of laser solutions, specifically designed to maximise workflow, quality and profitability for industrial applications and manufacturing.

Across New Zealand and Australia Trotec has a team of over 40 staff including factory trained technicians and service staff spread across six locations, all available to support customers. This is one of the many areas that Trotec is different to other laser suppliers across New Zealand and Australia.

The Speedy Series is the most advanced flatbed laser engravers on the market with a maximum acceleration of 5G and a maximum processing speed of 3.55m/second, designed to maximise productivity. Available in CO2, fiber or both called a Speedy flexx, these machines are suitable for a large range of materials and applications.

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Trotec’s range of high-speed galvo lasers, ProMarker Series and SpeedMarker Series, are ideal for many industrial applications, including metal marking and integration into manufacturing processes.

The SP Series is Trotec’s award winning range of large format CO2 laser cutting machines. Offering a massive working area up to 2.2m x 3.2m and easy accessibility, these highly efficient laser cutters are ideal for demanding cutting applications in wood, plastics, textiles and more.

Supported by factory trained staff with training and development centres across New Zealand and Australia, warranties up to 10 years as well as training and support, Trotec is your ideal partner in industrial manufacturing.

Trotec manufacturers a premium range of engraving and rotary material including Trotec’s own brand of laminates, TroLase and TroPly. Designed for lasers, TroLase will save users money and time, and offer unrivalled benefits.

As a world leader in innovation, Trotec confidently sets new standards in the laser industry. With an installation rate of more than 30,000 systems, Trotec is now serving customers in over 90 countries employing more than 550 people globally - and these numbers are growing everyday!

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