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TOMORROW’S TECHNOLOGY TODAY! Introducing Lorch Smart Welding Solutions to increase your productivity.                                                                                                    Lorch is a leading German manufacturer of high quality, advanced technology welding products. As a global leading in welding technology and innovation, their core focus is the development of Smart Welding Solutions to drive customer productivity, backed with exceptional service and support.

MicorStick 180CP RLORCH micorMIG 400Remote R

Designed, tested and manufactured in Germany, the application of Lorch engineered technology and innovation across all of their product platforms are what sets them apart from the competition. Products are cutting edge, intelligent, digitalised inverter-based systems, hardened for the toughest industrial applications and fully supported with 3-year industrial warranty.

But it’s the exceptional welding speeds, achieved across a range of advanced new processes, that has transformed Lorch as a leader in delivering productivity improvements for the general fabricator with processes such as SpeedArc XT, SpeedPulse XT, TwinPuls XT, SpeedRoot, SpeedUp and SpeedCold.

Lorch MicorTIG 200CP+battery RLorch S3 SpeedPulse R

Lorch is setting a new standard for welding equipment with unparalleled features, performance and service support, revolutionising workshops and businesses at the forefront of Industrial Revolution 4.0. Want to know more: come and see Lorch Smart Welding Solutions and what they can do for your business at SOUTHMACH 2019.

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