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Don Clucas

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3D Printing, 3D scanning, and student practical work experience.

Don Clucas - Senior Lecturer, Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Canterbury

With the IOT and Industry 4.0 barrelling down the new technology highway the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Canterbury is future proofing with the introduction of a new final year subject to complement our 3D Printing and scanning activities. This presentation will highlight some of our 3D Printing successes and where we think the technology is heading. Practical experience of our engineering students is considered essential for hitting the ground running when they graduate. A brief summary of our programme and opportunities for employers will be given.

Don progressed through his NZCE at the Christchurch Polytech and then the Central Institute of Technology. After three years in industry he began his Degree in Mechanical Engineering and then immediately followed that with his PhD project. As a postgraduate student he developed the prototype for the WhisperGen Stirling Engine micro combined heat and power system and went on to be Technical/Research director of Whisper Tech Ltd. With 16 years of industry experience he returned to the University of Canterbury. Since 2012 he has been teaching Mechanical Design and Manufacture at the University of Canterbury. His primary research interests are additive manufacture and novel engines. He set up and now manages the Advanced Design and Manufacture Lab. in the Dept. of Mechanical Engineering. Development of STEM education kits and helping our future engineers find direction are his passions.

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