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Jerome RETIF

Jerome RETIF

Industry Renaissance: Digital continuity is the key

Jerome RETIF - Sales Manager Asia/Pacific South, Dassault Systemes

In the world of Manufacturing, everything in designing, engineering and building a product can be digitalized and synchronized with real production assets; and it all can be modeled, even before creating the physical process. It’s about managing complexity. Digitalization lets businesses experience their entire production value stream virtually to make concepts “manufacturing ready”.

Jerome RETIF had several experiences in France and overseas, before he joined Dassault Systèmes 7 years ago in Paris Headquarters’ Marketing division, to serve the corporate image of the Company. Based in Singapore since 2012, he supported the development of Educational and Research programs, to build a strong pipeline of skilful engineers across Asia Pacific South. 

Through a powerful network of local Industry partners, he is now managing Sales across Singapore, Australia and New Zealand. Dassault Systèmes strong legacy and knowledge in 11 Industries, combined with Partners local presence and skills, ensure the delivery of cutting-edge Industry specific solutions. Holding a Master’s degree in Business Management, he graduated with majors in Marketing, International Business Development and Logistics.  

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