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Jonathan Zyzalo

Jonathan Zyzalo

How Jet Fusion is advancing adoption of additive manufacturing

Jonathan Zyzalo - Technical Consultant, Dicker Data NZ

For several years there has been a lot excitement around Multi Jet Fusion technology in the additive industry. This presentation discusses the advantages of the technology and how there are several advantages Jet Fusion has over traditional SLS systems. The talk will discuss the importance of how consideration of additive manufacturing at the start of the design cycle and several ways design for additive manufacturing aids production and efficiency using Jet Fusion.

Dr Jonathan Zyzalo has worked with 3D printing machines for the last 15 years, with a PhD in Mechatronics, specialising in SLA & SLS rapid prototyping over this time. He has been instrumental in additive manufacturing’s development in New Zealand, with hands on applications experience. He has seen tremendous growth in the additive manufacturing industry working with a wide variety of local and international clients to produce prototypes, patterns, and parts, for all sorts of applications, to very specific specifications and tight deadlines.  At Dicker Data NZ, he is technical consultant for the new HP Jet Fusion systems and emerging additive manufacturing technologies.

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