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Mike Fry

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Developments in metal additive processes including 3D Printing of large scale parts.

Mike Fry - Chief Executive Officer, TiDA

Additive and Powder Metallurgy processes including 3D printing of metal parts are developing rapidly with 3D printing now transitioning out of niche/prototype parts into production components. Powder bed systems currently offer the most mature metal 3D printing technology, which can be  ideally suited to the production of smaller, high value and complex parts. Larger, lower complexity metal parts have had few viable 3D printing options.  Recent developments in wire feedstock 3d printing are offering increased practical part size and reduced cost across 1 to 250kg+ metal parts.  Potential applications are across a range of industries such as Construction, Mining, Marine, Process and Powergen. The potential of wire feedstock 3D printing for manufacture and repair of large metal parts will be discussed.  

Mike Fry has been CEO of TiDA (Titanium Industry Development Association) in Tauranga since 2016.  TiDA specialise in Titanium, Powder Metallurgy and Additive Manufacturing (AM) and operates an EOS 270M - the first metal 3D printing machine brought to NZ. Mike is a Chartered Engineer with 26 years of experience conducting and leading engineering research and development. After a mechanical engineering PhD in at University College London (sponsored by Jaguar), Mike worked at Lotus Cars.  Later joining Cosworth to lead road-engine research and then Chief R+D Engineer for Cosworth Technology under Audi ownership.   He became an independent engineering consultant in 2001.

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