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Samantha McNaughton

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Preparing young people for the future of work – are robots taking over?

Samantha McNaughton - National Manager, Strategic Engagement

Now more than ever it is a critical time to attract more people into engineering and manufacturing sectors. But how? Especially at a time of such rapid technological change, there is a perception that the robot apocalypse is coming.  Applying yeah, nah to most anything you hear these days is a valid response, right? Well for the proposition that robots are taking over all the jobs you can apply the same saying!

In this presentation Competenz will apply the yeah nah theory to the robot revolution across their core sectors of manufacturing and engineering. Samantha McNaughton will look at the big picture of workforce development in New Zealand, and share case studies on how Competenz is helping businesses to up-skill their workforce through apprenticeships and training. 

Ensuring staff have the right skills now and in the future is vital for the sustainability, productivity and global competitiveness of New Zealand’s engineering and manufacturing industries. Industry training organisation Competenz works with about 1,500 engineering and manufacturing firms around the country each year, supporting employees through apprenticeships and on-the-job training. Each business has different needs, so training solutions are tailored to fit each organisation. Working with so many businesses, Competenz is well placed to know how quickly and extensively workplaces and workforces are changing.


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