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10:00 AM


Additive Manufacture, New International and Local Developments

    Don Clucas, Senior Lecturer, Department of Mechanical Engineering Canterbury University

3D Printing technology, or more correctly “Additive Manufacture” (AM), is exploding into thousands of exciting applications. The processes being…more


10:45 AM


Industry 4.0 and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) - where does New Zealand fit? 

    Robert Blache, National Technology Network Manager for Advanced Manufacturing / Nathan Stantial, Business Innovation Advisor at Callaghan Innovation

Industry 4.0. I will be covering what Callaghan Innovation does to support the Manufacturing Sector and in particular what they have been doing around Industry 4.0 and the Industrial Internet of Things. It will discuss what it means for NZ and why a NZ business should or would embrace it.


11:30 AM


Advanced & Additive Manufacturing

    Jesse Keith, Group Manager for the National Technology Network / Robert Blache, National Technology Network Manager for Advanced Manufacturing at Callaghan Innovation

Manufacturing is constantly under development, to realise productivity gains and/or to make better products. Therefore, the label ‘Advanced Manufacturing’ covers a diverse range of individual technologies…more


12:15 PM


Beyond the Hype of 3D Printing

    Warwick Downing, CEO and a Director at RAM 3D

There has been much hype since 3D printers were first introduced, from how additive manufacturing will revolutionise manufacturing to consumers being able to print their own dishes, lamps and furniture…more


1:00 PM


Industry 4.0 The future Manufacturing Landscape

    Peter Eckberg, Managing Director at Kaeser on behalf of MESNZ

The way we manufacture is no doubt entering a new era led by the advances, networking and connectivity capabilities of production processes and technology. Coined Industry 4.0, this new era presents a number of opportunities and benefits to manufacturers that choose to embrace this ‘factory of the future’. Peter Eckberg explains the evolution of Industry 4.0, how the factory and compressed air system of the future will look and the benefits they both hold.


1:45 PM


Alone we are smart, together we're brilliant: How to collaborate successfully – Stabicraft 1600 Fisher case study

    Jonathan Prince, Director / Daniel Faris, General Manager Caliber Design / Locus Research

We are a small country but we punch above our weight on the global stage. To compete, New Zealand businesses need to innovate and collaborate; using our collective skill sets to make collective gains. Sounds great in theory … but how do you make it work in practice?…more


2:30 PM


"Industry 4.0 – where are we at, and what does it really mean for New Zealand manufacturers?”

    Dieter Adam, CEO at NZMEA

Where are we at, and what does it really mean for New Zealand manufacturers?


3:15 PM


“The increasing pace of change in (digital) manufacturing technologies - how do we harness these new technologies to drive up productivity on the factory floor and beyond?”

    Expert Panel Discussion-MC Dieter Adam, CEO at NZMEA

Expert Panel Discussion-MC Dieter Adam, *NZMEA *Panellists - Mike Shatford (Design Energy / Robotics) - Henry Lane (Corvecto / AR&VR) - Ivo Gorny (Senior Research Engineer Callaghan Innovation)


10:00 AM


"The Emperor is still wearing fluro clothes"

    Barry Robinson-Craig Carlyle, Chairman, MESNZ

Following on from their pre-Pike River expose of the failings of Health and Safety, MESNZ’s Craig Carlyle and Barry Robinson return to take a look at the new Health and Safety At Work world and snuff out the smoke and mirrors.…more


10:45 AM


'Supply Chain Risks and Opportunities"

    Richard McKenzie-Browne , General Manager South Island INTENT Group Limited

This presentation will address how you can optimise your supply chain procurement methodologies to improve efficiency and effectiveness and subsequently reduce costs through smart procurement and best practice vendor assurance…more


11:30 AM


New AS-NZS 5131 Fabrication and Erection Standard - Structural steelwork

    Michail Karpenko, General Manager at HERA (Heavy Engineering Research Association)

A significant milestone for New Zealand structural steel industry has been achieved with the approval of the new standard AS/NZS 5131 Fabrication and Erection of Steel in December last year…more


12:15 PM


Fatigue – "how to reduce the chance of your product cracking by a factor of 10"

    Leon Daly, Analysis Manager at Motovated Design & Analysis

It's estimated that 90% of mechanical failures are due to fatigue (ASTM et al). This presentation is aimed at providing designers and manufacturers insights into what affects the fatigue life of components and demonstrates how simple changes can have a dramatic influence on product life"…more


1:00 PM


"Speed to Market" - 3D printing integration with plastic part manufacturing

    Jonathan Zyzalo & Carl Lunt, Manager of Precision 3D Printing (P3P) at Precision3D Printing - LEP Engineering Plastics

How innovation and competitive advantage in today’s ‘new product development’ market demands a seamless process – from rapid prototyping to low volume initial production to final production…more


1:45 PM


Making Collaboration Work: Stories of kiwi success – Ubco 2x2 electric bike case study

    Jonathan Prince, Director / Daniel Faris, General Manager Caliber Design / Locus Research

The Ubco 2x2 electric bike is a perfect example of two New Zealand companies coming together to deliver a game changer to the world market…more


2:30 PM


Intellectual Property:  What it is and how to protect it.

    Elspeth Buchanan, Registered Patent Attorney / Owner P L Berry & Associates

A description of the various categories of Intellectual Property (confidential information, patents, trademarks, designs, copyright, trade secrets); how these various rights overlap and a brief outline of how they are used to protect innovations.

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