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Advanced Manufacturing - Trade Lane Series

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Thursday, May 25, 2023 - 8:30 AM to 10:00 AM

The German-New Zealand Chamber of Commerce (GNZCC) is hosting a three-part trade lane series for importers and exporters interested in business opportunities in Germany. Sponsored by Go Logistics Group and BNZ and will focus on different key areas, including Advanced Manufacturing, MedTech/Health, and F&B Organics.

The first seminar will concentrate on Advanced Manufacturing and will be live from SouthMACH. The seminar will provide insights and overviews of the opportunities available in Germany, including first-hand accounts from New Zealand companies. Advanced Manufacturing refers to the use of innovative technologies and methods to enhance a company's competitiveness in the manufacturing sector.

Germany has the largest and most active additive manufacturing market in the EU and is the third-largest exporter worldwide, after China and the United States. The seminar is an excellent opportunity to enhance your business competitiveness and explore new opportunities in the German market.


Seminar Agenda

08:30am Intro GNZCC, Size of Market, Opportunities in Advanced Manufacturing – Germany, NZ-EU FTA Agreement

Erin Daly, Manager Business Development Australasia/Trade Fair Manager, German-New Zealand Chamber of Commerce Inc (GNZCC)

08:45am Lessons Learned - Manufacturing under License for a German OEM

Gordon Sutherland, CEO/Managing Director AW Fraser

09:00am Connecting Advanced Manufacturing with Efficient Logistics

Chris Edwards, Co-Founder of The GO Logistics Group

09:15am Growth and Future Prospects of the Advanced Manufacturing Sector

Jason Hill, Head of Emerging Tech Business at BNZ

09:30am Lessons Learned - Setting up an Advanced Manufacture NZ Subsidiary in Munich

Mark Godenho, Head of Marketing at TASKA Prosthetics

09:45am Trade Fairs – Your Key to the German Market

Erin Daly, Manager Business Development Australasia/Trade Fair Manager, GNZCC

09:50am Q&A
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